Highlights from the Board Report–February

Highlights from the Board Report is a monthly regular feature that highlights what one person finds to be important from the most recent Board Report. We read it so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

From the Board Report for the Meeting dated February 11, 2010.

1. “18 people have applied for the Chancellor’s position.” There was no information about whether Mayor Daley has decided who it will be yet.

2. “The office of Academic Affairs is working on 3 major projects with the Business Process Redesign team in the areas of Time and Attendance, Program Codes and Registration. The office of Academic Affairs has also made the cost of books a priority.”  I have no idea what any of this means, but I am betting that it will mean different, not better, attendance forms (maybe two pages long instead of just one?) and LOTS of registration problems for the Fall. Should be fun!

3. The first steps toward the aforementioned Developmental Math restructuring. Instructors of Pre credit classes will now be paid according to the following schedule (per contact hour):

  • Bachelors Degree $515;
  • Masters Degree or equivalent (up to +29): $565;
  • Masters Degree or equivalent (30+ additional hours): $604;
  • PhD Degree: $775

Compare that to the rates of pay, also per contact hour, for the  non-union adjuncts (adopted July 2008):

  • Bachelors Degree N/A
  • Masters Degree or equivalent (up to +29): $565
  • Masters Degree or equivalent (30+ additional hours): $604;
  • PhD Degree: $775

In other words, at least they’re showing the same level of economic commitment and respect (cough!) to both credit and pre-credit instructors. It will not cease to amaze me that those pay rates are not generally understood to be scandalous and a system-wide embarrassment.

4. Congratulations are in order for XX faculty who received notice of their renewals:

  • Anthony Escuadro Physical Sciences Tenure
  • Jaime Millan Physical Sciences Tenure
  • Nedjla Ougouag Mathematics Tenure
  • Fara Movahedzadeh Biology 3rd yr. contract
  • Oscar Ortega Mathematics 3rd yr. contract
  • Caroline Shoenberger Business 3rd yr. contract
  • Jeff Swigart Mathematics 3rd yr. contract
  • Jacob Wilkenfeld English/Speech/Theater 3rd yr. contract
  • Allan Wilson Physical Sciences 3rd yr. contract
  • Yevgeniya Lapik Biology 2nd yr. contract
  • Paul Wandless Art 2nd yr. contract

(Not a highlight, but still, it happened and you might know her: Irene Yashina, Biology, was not renewed.)

5. Across the district the renewal rates were, as usual, quite high:

  • Harold Washington: 11/12
  • Daley College: 4/4
  • Kennedy-King: 15/18 (2 extensions, 1 non renew)
  • Malcolm X: 16/22 (1 extension, 1 non renew, 4 resignations)
  • Olive Harvey: 8/9 (1 non renew)
  • Truman: 11/13 (1 extension, 1 resignation)
  • Wright: 11/11

6. HR News: Welcome aboard to new faculty members Jacqueline Cunningham (ESL) and Ka Fu (George) Tang (Social Science). Zalika Brown is HW’s new Assistant Dean of Student Development. Meraris “Lali” Garcia is the new Humanities Department Clerical Assistant, and Ellen Goldberg is now running the Transfer Center. Donna Kemp is the new HW Testing Coordinator, Benjamin Kent is the new Data Processing Lab Manager (and I didn’t even know we had one of those! How about that!). President Wozniak is getting a new Assistant; Margarita Garcia is coming over the the District office, and two of our colleagues announced their retirements: Gerry Marvel (Registrar’s Office) and Sharon Oliver (Physical Science Clerical). Finally, Angela Henderson has had the “Interim” removed from her title is now the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs.

7. The meeting ended.

7 thoughts on “Highlights from the Board Report–February

    • That should have said “Per contact hour,” Glenn. Thanks for the catch.

      And good to “see” you, too! Nice pic.

  1. Don’t forget to mention that in January and February, everyone who received lane advances since 2008 got a half-step increase effective the date of their lane advance. So, our current salaries are incorrect and we should look for them to be adjusted. Also, keep an eye out for a chunk of retro pay…whenever they can figure out how much that should be.

    • I saw that, too (in the fourth paragraph here), but I didn’t include it since the adjustments were listed in the January board report. I should have, though, since people might not have seen it there. Here’s the link to the list of 39 faculty affected (scroll down to Page 14, under amendments).

      Yet another reason to know your contract and check your paycheck regularly. (Especially since, if the mistake had been made the other way, they’d now be coming to get, in some cases, a year and a half of overpay, and probably out of your next paycheck. Happily that is not the case here (what are the odds of them including interest?), but it has happened in the past, I hear.)

  2. I realize this posting is almost two years old by now, but does anyone have contact information for Dr. Yashina? I was a classmate of hers long, long ago, and I need to get in touch with her.

    • I’ll ask around and send an email to her department for you. Someone might be able to forward your email address to her, at least, if you’re amenable to that.

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