We Have a New Chancellor

From her Com Ed days

Her name is Cheryl Hyman, and she comes to us from Com Ed. Fran Spielman, the SunTimes City Hall reporter got the scoop. You can read that piece here.

From her Com Ed bio:

Cheryl Hyman , Vice President, Operations Strategy and Business Intelligence (OSBI)

As vice president of OSBI, Hyman oversees operational strategic initiatives, business intelligence and operational analysis for ComEd. Hyman joined ComEd in 1996 and has held various positions within the company, including Information Technology, Community Relations and Transmission and Distribution.

The SunTimes piece also mentions that she has two Masters degrees, one from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management (Business) and one from North Park University, though the field is not mentioned. She got her Bachelor’s from IIT and attended Olive Harvey at one time.

She is also said to have worked with The Black Star Project as a mentor and “prime mover,” though I have no idea what the last phrase means.

Finally, just in case there was any doubt about what her directive is, came this nugget right after a paragraph extolling the creation of a “real campus” at Kennedy King, which “the Mayor hopes to duplicate at all seven city colleges” :

Hyman shares the mayor’s vision. “Thousands of young people who could be inspired by my story — their success is hinging on my ability to do this job well. I do not take that lightly,” she said.

“They can hear me and be inspired. But, I have to be able to build a world-class institution at a time of national recession that still puts them in a better position in life than when they came through the doors.”

So, I guess we can expect a new, real campus? Or will the roof become our campus…hmm.

Anyway, congratulations to Chancellor Hyman, and a hat tip to Adriana Tapanes for sending the link.

3 thoughts on “We Have a New Chancellor

  1. I am hopeful she will be a good Chancellor – but I am concerned that she has (apparently) no experience with higher education. My first thought on reading the blurb from the newspaper is “Is she going to try to run a higher education system like a business model (ie ‘students as clients,’ ‘faculty are customer service reps,’) and not respect the faculty and individual Administrator’s experience and ideas?” Keeping fingers crossed that if she is confirmed as our new Chancellor she will be open minded, committed to the educational mission of all seven schools, and maybe actually help us expand our campus here at HWC (because we sure are busting at the seams).

  2. Hmmm….I see a lot of industry experience but no higher educ experience. She’s an alum of Olive Harvey. This makes me suspect that she’s put in the job to shake up the colleges and run them as a business model. We have a non-educational Chair in our Dept and she doesn’t have a clue about some things, such as the union contract.

    Well, Cheryl is a young woman, so maybe she will have some “young” technological ideas, like migrating our grades and payroll to online vs. paper.

  3. Wow! I know her. I helped to create something called the ComEd 100 with her while she was at ComEd. In my previous experience she was organized, thoughtful, and had a good sense of purpose. She was definitely a champion of the sciences, which for me, is a big plus!

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