Women’s History Month Event Schedule

First off, congratulations are in order to Loretta Visomirskis (English), who has been elected the new Chair of the Women’s Studies Committee, taking the reins from Amanda Loos and Marcy Henry (Humanities, 2x), who had been co-chairs.

There are seven events planned as of now (2 already occurred); all of them are open to students, faculty, staff, administrators and the general public, and all of them are FREE. Bring a class if you can!

~Monday, March 8th: Forum with Jan Huttner: Looking Critically at the 2010 Oscars (7pm, Rm323). Ms. Huttner is a film critic and leader of the Women Film Critics Circle. You can read her work at The Hot Pink Pen and Films42. Hosted by Amanda Loos.

~Tuesday, March 9th: Seminar on Violence Prevention and Self Defense: Five Fingers of Self Defense (3-5pm, Rm 1001). More info is available here. Write to Michal Eskayo (meskayo@ccc.edu) to make sure you have a spot.

~Wednesday, March 10th: Screening and Discussion: Jean Kilbourne’s Still Killing Us Softly 3 (2-3pm, Rm 1001). Hosted by Dave Richardson’s Social and Political Philosophy class, this film is a funny and horrifying look at the images of women and womanhood in advertising in particular, exploring the way that women (and men) are coached,  manipulated, and constructred through familiar imagery in ways that are not obvious in isolation, but undeniable when collected together.

~Wednesday, March 17th: Wellness Center Event: Relationship Safety Day (Time and Location, TBA). Hosted by Mike Russell of the Wellness Center and Dean Anna Blum. (More info when I have it; sorry.)

~Wednesday, March 24th: Panel Discussion: Pornography, Women, & Sex (2-4pm, Rm 1001). Feminist philosopher Robin Morgan put it this way: “Pornography is the theory, rape is the practice,” tying together two familiar (enough) aspects of American culture–one tacitly, if not openly accepted and one, ostensibly, despised. Yet, in the last ten years, pornography has become more readily available and more widely consumed without comparable increases in sexual violence against women, and some feminist philosophers have gone as far as to say that it is through the embracing of their sexuality–in pornographic contexts or otherwise–that women gain their fullest claims to equality. Hosted by Dave Richardson’s Social and Political Philosophy class, a panel of not-quite-yet-finalized, but certain to be fascinating people will discuss issues related to pornography and its effects (objectification? empowerment?) for women and men and sex in general.

~Thursday, March 25th: Film Screening and Discussion with Filmmaker Eileen Douglas: My Grandfather’s House (6pm, Rm. TBA). Hosted by Amanda Loos and Marcy Rae Henry, along with their Fine Arts and Humanities classes, filmmaker Eileen Douglas will discuss her documentary about her search to find the house her Grandfather fled in 1911 in Lithuania “to escape the Tsar’s army.” More information about the room as soon as I have it.

~Tuesday, April 13th: Play: The Vagina (Time and Room, TBA). Directed by Marcy Rae Henry, written and performed by her Humanities 208: Women in the Performing Arts class and co-sponsored by the Humanities department as a Humanifest-oh 10 event, the performance will feature a collection of monologues, moments, and more, focused on the titular subject. Last year’s performances were compelling, powerful, poignant, and hilarious, sometimes all at once. Don’t miss this year’s version.

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