Braggin’ Rights Bracket–UPDATE

“Hey,” you might be saying to yourself, “I wonder who’s winning the Harold Lounge Braggin’ Rights Bracket contest.”

Well if you guessed Jashed Fakhrid-Deen, you’d be wrong. In fact, he’s in last place. AND his pick to win the championship? Out. He should be mocked with regularity and vigor.

Perhaps you guessed Ed Fians; he’s tall. Maybe he knows something about hoops. Wrong again. Second place and desperate.

If, however, you guessed Dave Richardson, then you, my friend, owe yourself a high five. In a commanding lead, having picked 32 of the first 48 games correctly, with 7 of 8 elite eight teams still alive and all four final four teams just a few wins away, the philosopher is, once again, making his case for Kingship.

And if you’re wondering about how everyone else is doing, well you’ll have to ask them, because the three of us were the only ones to sign up. Gotta be in it to win it people.

Next year.

6 thoughts on “Braggin’ Rights Bracket–UPDATE

  1. I have no idea what this is 😦

    I even read the original post. I assumed it was some sort of athletic thing, but am unclear on which sport this is about.

    Yes, I do live under a rock….or a stack of work…something like that.

    Go team!

  2. I’m sure CAST would be willing to do that though by then I may be out. My wife and I have brackets going. Does that count? I haven’t updated it since early Sunday but we’re both in the 30s’ which isn’t bad considering we don’t follow college B-ball.

  3. Well, I tried to get in my bracket in, but ever the procrastinator, I didn’t hit submit until 11:02 last Thursday. So Jashed can take comfort that the only reason he’s in last place is that my gem of a bracket (which predicted a Georgetown vs. Villanova final) didn’t get accepted.

    And Syracuse goes down. Big East, no orange slices for you.

    • And down goes Fians! He of the East Coast bias, got sucked into Syracuse.

      Not as sad of a pick as Georgetown (Georgetown?) but still worth mockery…

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