Bogus “Research” in the SunTimes

Stuff like this from yesterday’s SunTimes makes me absolutely bananas. Passing off what they did here as any sort of “finding” from a comparison of databases is so monumentally stoopid that it makes me growl and shuffle while uttering incoherent combinations of expletives.

It is a kind of parlor game it is not without danger. Thankfully, the paper is hardly an opinion maker these days. Mercy.

2 thoughts on “Bogus “Research” in the SunTimes

  1. Hee, hee, … I’ve played tennis in Bannockburn and I live only blocks from Argo H.S., … but what exactly is the point? … And why are these teachers in wealthy Bannockburn earning low salaries? What’s with that?!

    So, teachers in low income communities should earn low income and teachers in high income communities should earn high income? … But, the teachers in low income Summit (home of Argo H.S.) draw high income! … I’m so confused.

    Yes, PhiloDave, what a pathetic article indeed. We’re suppose to believe that the high paid teachers in Summit are incompetent fools sucking the system dry, while the low paid teachers in Bannockburn are altruistic, awesome geniuses the likes of which the system needs plenty more of. … Isn’t there a more obvious conclusion? Namely: The students in Bannockburn attend to their studies better than the students in Summit. … Oh, no! Methinks there’s not a social scientist in the nation willing to admit that! (I won’t posit as to why.) … It’s easier to just blame the teachers, isn’t it?

  2. As a friend once told me:
    Figures never lie, but liars always figure.

    You’re welcome.

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