Interesting Things Afoot at HW Partner, Shimer College

From the Chronicle yesterday:

The Board of Trustees of Shimer College voted on Monday to fire President Thomas K. Lindsay, a member of the board has confirmed on the condition of anonymity…The decision to oust Mr. Lindsay follows recent votes of no confidence by both Shimer’s faculty and its Assembly, the college’s governing body. The directors of Shimer’s Alumni Association had also called for Mr. Lindsay’s resignation.

HWC has had an interesting and productive relationship with Shimer for a couple of years now, even as they’ve battled their way through months of controversy. If you haven’t been following it, you can check out some of it here. Locally, The Chicago Reader has been the only place really covering the shenannigans over there (see this article and this one.

And if you don’t know anything about Shimer, read this (about the move downtown in 2007) and this (about the previous 135 years of the college’s existence), and then go talk to John Hader about how our students can take classes there at HW prices.

At any rate, it’s nice to see a community with shared governance that then has to fight to keep it and manages to win the fight. Enough to give us all hope.

3 thoughts on “Interesting Things Afoot at HW Partner, Shimer College

  1. I would urge all HWC students who are interested in great books and big ideas to take a class at Shimer. It is a truly unique educational institution with a truly awesome community.

  2. What Shimer 98 said. Shimer is, as always, more than delighted to be working with the remarkable staff, faculty, and students of Harold Washington College, and is particularly happy for your support.

    I’m the person that anyone interested in taking at class at Shimer for HWC tuition should talk to. There’s a relatively painless application process involving a short form, a writing sample, and a transcript to show you’ve gotten a B or better in an HWC Great Books course. John Hader can tell you more.

    • I second the second (would that be “I third it”?). I’ve sent a few students over there and they’ve all dug it, to my knowledge.

      Plus, Cassie is super nice.

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