Advising Model

I thought this was an interesting article on a different advising model for students.

I’m not totally clear on how it would work in, say, Illinois, but I like the idea of their being a team of advisors whose knowledge of the different state colleges is much more specialized than my own.  Failing the creation of something of this sort, I’d like to, at least, find some really good resources for giving students a sense of the strengths of different transfer possibilities (and the difficulties–particularly for transfers from a city college). The truth is that I don’t even know what life is now like at the college I went to. I know what it was like 20 years ago when I arrived on campus, but that was 20 years ago. Pretty sure some stuff is different now. I know a little about a few different places (UIC, DePaul, and Chicago State) through a select few former students, but not much.

I would really, really, really, like to see some surveying done of transferred students, post transfer, about the institutions they chose to try to get a sense of where I might direct students to (or away from) in the future.

I’d guess a lot of folks are looking for something like that (especially the students), and if it were an easy thing to make or find, it would be out there already and we’d know about it. I still can’t shake the feeling, though, that there has to be more info out there somewhere. There has to be a better resource (or model) than me making largely uninformed guesses about schools on the basis of things I’ve heard or surmised here and there.

Any ideas?

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