A New Study on Transfer Acceptance

Check it out here. Interesting info here that might be useful for advising students who are thinking about transferring.

The overall figures suggest that most students who apply to transfer are admitted and most of those who are admitted actually enroll (the figure known as yield). Over all, 64 percent of transfer applicants are admitted — a little less than those applying for first-time admission (69 percent).

Asked to identify factors that would make candidates more or less desirable for admission, those evaluating transfer applications were generally neutral, suggesting a focus on individual qualifications. The factor that was most likely to be viewed as “positive” was prior attendance at a highly competitive four-year institution, at 50.0 percent. In contrast, only 39.5 percent viewed earning an associate degree as a positive, as opposed to neutral. The factor most likely to be viewed as negative — at 10.6 percent of admissions officers — was a plan to enroll part time.

Where the public/private differences show up is in the factors that admissions officials say have “considerable importance” in admissions, with public institutions focused largely on grades in college generally and grades in transferable courses. Private colleges care about those things, too, but are more likely to care about a range of other factors.

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