Tuesday Teaching Question

Okay, so last week I asked you for your big failure. It’s only fair that this week I ask about your biggest success this semester. For example, this year I moved my pre-class survey onto Blackboard (instead of collecting a paper and pencil version) which collected the data much faster than I ever did it myself AND allowed me to make a word cloud out of their answers to various open ended questions (which is one of my favorite online toys ever). I’ve known about Blackboard’s survey capabilities for years, but never put them to use. Silly.

What is something NEW that you tried this semester that worked out really well?

One thought on “Tuesday Teaching Question

  1. So the guest speakers came to my classroom. I had to take a personal day and unable to participate but…
    All went shwell!
    These cats from the other side of the disciplinary tracks brought their ‘A’ game and left the students pondering deeper questions related to both areas of study (theirs and mine). I hope to invite them again and create stronger ties between disciplines.
    Sure, there were students who questioned the experience, but it represented a very small minority and like I said, it’s up to me to continue facilitating their educational development.
    I encourage fellow faculty to invite colleagues to their classrooms next semester. Teachers and students have much to gain from these educational visits.

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