1046 Wishlist

Room 1046 will be the new home of CAST this coming fall.  Actually, it will be our faculty lounge; the physical home of the Harold lounge, sort of.  As such, at last week’s CAST meeting, we discussed our needs and wants for 1046.  Here’s what we came up with.

-a smart board with a dual boot computer (hp touch screen) (mac and pc)

– document camera (ELMO)

– printer/scanner

– Nintendo Wii (just kidding, or am I?)

– desktop webcam

– tables (round or rectangular)

-chairs (comfortable and plush or rocking or sofas?)

– artwork (This could be a student project.  Art dept?)

– bookshelves

– keypad door (a must for 24/7 access for all faculty)

– coffee maker

Is there anything else you’d like?  This is our space.

12 thoughts on “1046 Wishlist

  1. Speakerphone and projector for webinars, etc.

    Round tables and comfy chairs

  2. Thanks. I didn’t think of the phone. I’m not sure if the smart board will suffice as our projector. How about uncomfy chairs to encourage standing and pacing? 🙂

    • Okay, that was not totally serious (would be cool, though), but I would advocate for either a treadmill or a heavy bag. Five minutes of hard running/punching is EXACTLY what I need after some classes/meetings…

      • I was hoping the Wii would allow for some exercise. The fireplace isn’t too out there. I suggested a full kitchen at the meeting last week. Imagine being able to come in and cook breakfast. The smell of bacon (or veggie bacon) filling the 10th floor. All of a sudden, I’m very hungry.

    • I’ll bring my pillow from the office… those desks are not comfy.
      Hee, hee…

  3. See what happens when you aks (that’s right, I said aks) a serious question?
    Ok, all joking aside, I like the idea of a dual-boot system. Yes, a MAC will do… for now.
    I would also consider purchasing as many of the tech supplies from one vendor. Click on Realist name for the link to SMART Technologies. They have several educational goodies.Why couldn’t the CAST room serve as a research center for our technological needs?

    It could be the CAST LAB. With a CAST CAM, and a CAST COT, and CAST COFFEE, and then I could say CAST ME AWAY!!!
    Sorry, I tried to be serious. My bad.
    If only I had somewhere to go and relieve some week 16 stress…

  4. With all this stuff, where is the mechanical bull going to go? I guess we can compromise and just have a single lane bowling alley, but the lines are going to be a LOT longer. At least we’ll have the open bar to hang out at while we’re waiting.


    Okay, fine, how about keeping some of the plain old whiteboards (separate from the smartboard)?

  5. Some educational publications(magazines,journals, the chronicle American Association of Community Colleges etc.would be nice) and the ability to use the room during non-meeting hours would be nice.

    • I was hoping we’d have a key pad door so we can have access 24/7 with some type of schedule for meetings. As for the publication, I was thinking we’d have a library of sorts. Including publications would be great.

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