Next Steps–A Proposed Survey

This is a hijacked comment from the comments to the Update post. It comes from Carrie Nepstad:

“Please see updated survey – don’t answer it yet. This is just to get feedback on the survey questions.

Does anything need to be changed or added before I send it to Cecilia?

Unless I hear otherwise, I will send it to her tomorrow morning and ask that she e-mail it to all CCC faculty.”

3 thoughts on “Next Steps–A Proposed Survey

  1. My comments are on the original thread. Sorry, didn’t see this post first.

    Carrie, can you make sure that the email goes out with your words of encouragement to get as many faculty to provide input?

    Hey, aren’t we ‘pose to be off for the summer? At least until summer session begins?

    Hmmmm, when (it is believed that) faculty take a break, admin goes to work? Interesting…

  2. Hi, Carrie. Hope you don’t mind me turning your comment into a post.

    I’d propose adding a few items to #3 (from subjects of discussion at HW):

    A) CCC Student Data–What we know about students and their learning
    B) Costs and Benefits of Systemic Unification
    C) Union Address
    D) Faculty Council Activities and Goals
    E) Developmental Ed Issues and Support
    F) Advising and supporting students toward graduation and transfer
    G) The rest of the college: non-credit programs
    H) Security and Safety at CCC
    I) Navigating (or Renovating) the Tenure Process
    J) Discipline Meetings & Discussions
    K) Interdisciplinary Meetings and Projects

    • Oh, and maybe something about “Environmentally Aware Teaching” or something like that related to Greeny-ness…

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