Website Wednesday–World Cup Contest!

One final update: For those of you looking to do something fun and exciting on your computer this weekend. Remember, you keep these braggin’ rights until 2014! Play begins in 7 days.

UPDATE: Bumped up to encourage participation!!

Having a social life is just as important to teaching as having new and great web tools, so today’s Website Wednesday is dedicated to…

The First Quadrennial Harold Lounge Braggin’ Rights World Cup Bracket!!

It’s easy to play and you have a whole month to do it. Here are the steps:

~1. Click on this link right here. You’ll need to register for an account with ESPN to play if you don’t have one already (free, easy, and remember, you can give them as much true information as you want, but not all of your info need be true), but it only takes fourteen seconds and its easy.

~2. Once in you can either make your entry or join the group, depending on what you want to do first. To join the group, go to “My Groups” and click on the dropdown for “Join Group.” Search for Harold (which will give you “The Harold Cup Contest” Click on that and then enter “Harold” for the password.

~3. Do whichever one you didn’t do at 2. Picking the teams is a little tricky in the first round, so as you look at each group, pick the team that you think will be the first place team first and the second place team second. And if you screw up, don’t worry about it–you’ve got a month to fix it!

And if you have no idea about any of this soccer stuff, but want some help, you can check this out (notice the links for analysis of each of the groups). To get you in the mood, there’s this…

You’ve got to be in it to win it.

First Prize: A handsome certificate and random object memorializing the winning nation.

Second Prize: A somewhat less handsome certificate and random object memorializing the first loser nation.

Third Prize: A much less handsome certificate and the knowledge that you were tantalizingly close to receiving a random object related to some foreign nation.

Make it happen people!

2 thoughts on “Website Wednesday–World Cup Contest!

  1. I have four players in the group! We call this TONGO! I’ll try to delete three. Sorry PhiloDave.

    • No worries. I’ll consider it a sign of your enthusiasm!! If you can’t delete them, I probably can. If I can’t, you’ll just have to pick for all of them…

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