So I’ve hesitated to drop this post every time we’re headin’ into another summer weekend ’cause don’t nobody wanna tell me what up, but…

This is THE 4th of July weekend AND somethin’s got to be goin’ on, right?

Here’s what I’m doin’: I’ll be gettin’ together with some family members I ain’t seen in some time and then watching some fireworks. Food, family, and fun.

How ’bout you?

4 thoughts on “Whatchadoin’?

  1. Fireworks and a live Country/Rock band on my cousin’s farm in Michigan!

  2. Grading papers and assembling my tenure portfolio! With fireworks!

  3. Yep,

    Gotta agree with KS. Writing a midterm, assembling a tenure portfolio. First however, I plan to play pool and watch the sky get smoky.


    • Kamran and hellokitty,
      I feel your pain and I sympathize with your challenges.
      Remember that the Lounge is here to provide assistance if and when you need it.

      I’ve got some work around the house to take care of and then I’ll do my best to enjoy ‘the sky get smoky’ too. Oh yeah, and some grading to take care of before next week’s deadline.

      Anyone know what happened to submitting grades electronically? I thought it would apply to summer mid-term grades? Hmmm…

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