‘Trying to Teach’ Tuesday

Chicago-area teachers top state in earning six-figure salaries

That’s the headline from last week’s Tribune article about teachers and salaries. The first paragraph reads:

“An extraordinary number of public school teachers in the Chicago region earned $100,000 or more in 2009, straining school budgets and taxpayer wallets and fueling the debate over what teachers are worth and how they get raises.”

Then Mary Schmich’s column ran with the headline:  Setting teacher salaries is tricky in which she states, “In general, though, the practical answer is simple and brutal: A job is worth whatever the market decides. Supply and demand, period.”

Followed by Steve Johnson’s opinion column stating, “I’d rather not have my kids educated at a discount.”

So how much is too much OR, possibly more important, how much is not enough?

What’s your take on the issue or what do you have to say?

2 thoughts on “‘Trying to Teach’ Tuesday

  1. In my friend and family group, I count seven people that teach for CPS…and the highest paid is a 25 year vetern – making $66,500. I don’t know anybody who makes $100,000 and over. First, I wonder who these people are that are making that much by teaching (and do they have any openings?), and second, why is it alright to get paid $15 million to throw a ball into a hoop (while impressive, not really affecting the world) but it isn’t acceptable to break $100,000 to teach those that are going to be running the world some day?

    • Goes to show where we, as a capitalistic society, place our priorities. Kudos to your CPS family and friends for their contributions.

      Is it too late to go PRO? Probably. I’ll just wait for Academic Idol to give me my big break.

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