Electronic Grade Submissions Soon Live?

Just a moment ago, I logged in to myfaculty.ccc.edu to checkup on some rosters, and I found a button that I hadn’t noticed before. Maybe I’m blind and it’s always been there, but I recall that usually, there were three buttons under the “Management” heading:

1. View My Class Schedule

2. View My Weekly Schedule

3. Access Class Roster

But this time, I noticed a fourth:

4. Record Grades

When I clicked on the button, I am simply given a page that states “No matching values were found.” But there is still one more week in the summer semester. Perhaps it will have more functionality next week? Summer instructors, check it out!

3 thoughts on “Electronic Grade Submissions Soon Live?

  1. From the OIT section of the July Board Report: “Faculty Grade input via my faculty self service page will be piloted during the summer and fall terms and deployed to all faculty
    for spring 2011.”

  2. Gee, where have I heard inaccurate information before??
    Weren’t we lead to believe (during the Spring 2010 semester) that faculty teaching this summer would be able to input their grades electronically?
    What up D (that’s short for District y’all)?

    Should we assume that Spring 2011 will truly be the semester that we all will have this benefit? I ain’t holdin’ my breadth…

    Did the board report state WHY the pilot program was needed? IMHO, DOIT could have gone live this summer-there’s your PILOT group. Raise your hand if you were disappointed… again.

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