“…Chicago City Colleges cutting some costs…”

If you’ve not seen it in print or online via this Tribune.com link, here it is:

CHICAGO (AP) — Mayor Richard Daley says the seven Chicago City Colleges are cutting some costs to help pump more money into technology and training for the system’s 115,000 students. The changes include laying off 225 non-teaching employees and eliminating 86 unfilled jobs.

Sadly, I was unable to confirm or obtain details via our own ccc.edu site.

Can someone elaborate?


Bueller… Bueller?

Have a good weekend!

5 thoughts on ““…Chicago City Colleges cutting some costs…”

  1. Here is a potential scenario:
    Unfortunately, when the Local 1708 employees are replaced with technology there can be no person held responsible but technology and power breakdowns can be disciplined instead! Hehe!
    Dept. Chairs will not have assistance from clerical and technical staff but will have remote controls to direct robots that will be cloned by the biology and the CIS departments.In which case,we will not be needing to teach subjects that encourage “humanistic ideas “.

  2. Yes, and if you looked at the size of some of these departments you mention, you would eventually be able to pull your rather large head out of your uselessly tight ass and maybe consider reality from reality TV. Perhaps you will recognize that not only have 1708 employees been cut, but 1600 faculty have been cut as well. Let me ask you, X, how many full-time “humanistic faculty” are there? Now how many biology or CIS full-time faculty still exist?

    Thanks for your predictable comment, TX….isn’t that the abbreviation for Texas?

    • Wow, Meteor Shower; that seems unnecessarily hostile for the circumstances.

      I think the lack of need for “humanistic ideas” thing was a comment on the robots–I don’t think T-Rex was denigrating Biology or CIS departments or faculty. I don’t think s/he was in support of the cuts–just the opposite, it seems.

      Did I miss something? And what was predictable about it?

      I don’t understand. Perhaps my brain is rusty from the sunshine and campfire smoke…please enlighten me.

  3. That is exactly what I mean PhiloDave, this is sad when there is no humor left in our lives we are stretched like rubber bands ready to snap at whatever we cannot wrap our heads around.Where is the “milk of human kindness”?Do we have to attack each other because this is the only way we can project our “human-ness”.Chill meteor shower I was trying to provide comic relief!

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