Peekaboo, they see you!

Hey, this site is no secret. Judging from the number of  faculty listed (281 as of this posting) and the number of reviews, we have made a name for ourselves – for better or for worse. There will be a bit of activity in the weeks to come, so…

Take a look and see what students have to say about us. Do you agree? Is this a better form of evaluation than the forms given out by admin?

Take a look at our ‘School Comments and Ratings’ tab. I got a kick out of our highest rating going to ‘Campus Location’ while the lowest going to ‘Quality of Food’. Surprise, surprise. We’ve got to get some healthy choices in those vending machines…

2 thoughts on “Peekaboo, they see you!

    • Are you kiddin’ me? The due is so suave and cool under pressure? You ever see him at a Chair’s meeting? He is the epitome of HOT in the academic sense of the word. These students don’t lie, ya’ know. Don’t be surprised if GQ came a knockin’ at his office door some day.

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