The Mayor Weighs In on Remediation…

Here or here.

Notice the slight step back after the follow up question; could it possibly be that he didn’t expect or realize that the suggestion that CCC enrollees are not prepared for college would necessarily be a criticism of the effectiveness of Chicago Public Schools? I mean it seems like a ridiculous point to bring up at a presser lauding the number of CPS students in college. Then again, I’m not a Politician.

Check out, too, the comments on the Sun-Times version (the first one), in particular; clearly some CCC faculty there. Angry ones, no less.

3 thoughts on “The Mayor Weighs In on Remediation…

    • Odd. Sorry about that. It looks like they work from here…I just reset them both though. Should work now. Let me know again if it doesn’t.

  1. Here’s what I wrote on WBEZ. Please enlighten me. A few of use discussed this at lunch today.

    I’m intimately involved with this issue and have a few questions which I hope to have answered ASAP. From the Sun Times article and the higher ups at CCC comes the following statistic. “The amount of money spent on remedial courses represents six percent of the system’s $457.5 million budget. But, the price tag of bringing students up to speed is almost certain to rise.”

    First of all, what is the other 94% used for (or how do they hope to reallocate this 6%). CCC is an open-enrollment institution. Since many 4 year schools are cutting remediation possibilities, where else is a student with remediation needs to go. Second, he claims that this amount (6%) is surely to go up. Has he completely lost faith in CPS? Maybe he’s referring to the growing amount of students choosing community colleges these days due to their affordability but nonetheless, he needs to be more clear, as do Chancellor Hyman and Board Chairman Chico.

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