One thought on “Academic Excellence: A Suggestion

  1. Thanks for the article. I have to agree that advising is key. And the advising element needs to come not only from advisors which we clearly need more of, especially if they are assigned a regular case load? I thought they had one, maybe I misheard Vice Chancellor Armster on Thursday when she said this was a future direction in advising? In any event, although faculty would be hard pressed in many ways to take on significant advising duties, it still might be advisable to better prepare faculty in advising as a support network for the advisors? Also, since my students have no idea that they have advisors let alone who they are, it would be helpful to include the name of a student’s advisor in peoplesoft or on the roster so faculty know to whom to refer the students.

    Many probably would be happy to mentor but we certainly need more information about advising.

    Have a peaceful weekend. You ALL deserve it.

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