And I Quote…

From the Chancellor’s email sent Friday, August 6th:

“It is clear to me that people who are desperate, but not afforded an opportunity, will create their own sometimes lethal opportunities. While that in no way excuses the violent or illegal actions of a few, it certainly serves as an object at which we have a moral obligation to focus our energy.  We must be an institution that is viewed as relevant to our students, potential students, and business communities.  While this is core to our mission at the City Colleges of Chicago, it is equally important to acknowledge the work that must be done to not only provide opportunity, but to also teach compassion, humanity, and community.”

So, umm…if it is people who are desperate and not afforded an opportunity that are likely to do violence and it is our moral obligation to focus our energy on helping them, why are we hearing about moving away from open enrollment?

How would that help? I am, clearly, easily confused…

3 thoughts on “And I Quote…

  1. I have a strong feeling that the Chancellor has no idea what she is talking about. She seems to say things that she thinks people want to hear, making bold statements without first asking someone else what the ramifications of those statements might be. That email, IMHO, was her way of trying to convince us, the faculty, to be cooperative during DWFDW, because, ultimately, if we do not cooperate with her, we will be promoting violence in our city. I’m sorry, but that entire email was complete b.s. A very transparent and unthoughtful way of manipulating the faculty into going along peacefully with her agenda.

    Now, it is true that violence in Chicago is a terrible problem. And it is true that without opportunity, people will sometimes turn to violence as a way of life. But the Chancellor was blaming our current CCC system for this problem, and saying that the only way to decrease violence in Chicago is through her “re-invention” plan. I guess if we start handing out Bachelorette degrees to everyone there won’t be any more violence in the city. And, if we close the doors on those who are most at-risk of turning to violence, we will no longer be responsible for their demise because then we can just blame the high schools.

    Ok, so I am a little bitter. But, maybe if the Chancellor dropped the attitude and starting acting politely and respectfully towards the faculty, it would be the spoonful of sugar that I need to sweeten up.

  2. @PhiloDave (yeah, I’m learning new tech lingo this week!)
    Please elaborate, I do not believe you are “clearly, easily confused”. Yeah, I know you say it in jest, but you strike at the heart of our unspoken mission as COMMUNITY college educators. Do elaborate and leave the getting confused to me 🙂

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