Next Up!

It’s Registration Week people!

Post the day/time you think we’ll run out of classes and stop enrolling students.

The person whose guess is closest (and posted before 5pm on Tuesday) will win a prize (don’t get your hopes up). To give a hint of how busy it’s been, as of 10pm tonight, there are only 32 seats left in HW philosophy classes (only three of 14 sections of philosophy classes have any seats, and two of those have less than five available). 32 out of 52 English 101 sections are already closed (and many of the remaining are close to closed).

My vote is Wednesday@3:42pm.

Also, post your funny stories from the registration room. Lying Hyperbolizing encouraged!

10 thoughts on “Next Up!

  1. My guess:
    Wednesday at 11am, Mr. Brown will ask us to direct students to our sister colleges.

  2. I did registration all day Saturday and Mr. Brown gave us a referral sheet on which we were to record all referrals to sister colleges, so he’s already on it!

    Funny story…well, only funny to me:
    I usually do late registration – back in the good ole days of time and 1/2 for such deeds (miss those days).

    Late registration = students want to be full-time, not eligible for English 101, and they can only come in on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 2pm and 4pm. I usually have to really psyche myself up for it all, take deep cleansing breathes, long bathroom breaks – whatever it took to get through to the final hour.

    The funny thing is that this weekend was rather pleasant – a steady stream of students and with some creativity I was able to place every single one that sat next to me (admittedly, most of them only needed one class and almost all of them were eligible for English 101). Under those circumstances, Registration was rather painless.

    I guess now the real fun begins!

    I predict it will be Tuesday at 3:02pm.

  3. I’m sure a few classes will be opened as the week goes on but I’d guess we’d be completely “tapped out” by Friday at 1. Now, I’m guessing most evenings this week will have registration cut short which begs the question, do we need to make up those hours? Speaking of hours, I’m about to head to HWC. Did anyone receive their registration assignment via e-mail? I didn’t despite having filled out the online survey months ago. Should I expect a sheet in my dept. or mailbox this morning?

    • I always do late registration and generally they keep us there to do “drops”. I’ve never had to make up hours if they cut them short. However, the times they are a’changin.

  4. Referrals to other campuses are already being made.We will have a few “unique”classes left to fill.Gen.Ed.classes will be filled by Wednesday 4.00 pm.

  5. Tuesday 4:03pm Mr. Brown will announce that no more classes are being opened due to lack of space, and there will be no more over-enrolling students into classes.

  6. Monday morning at 8am Da Mayor, Chico, and the Gal will institute immediate remedial changes requiring HWC to cancel all pre-credit courses to make room for smart students who want to take credit courses.

    Monday morning at 9am the Gal is unable to refund student payments due to a PeopleSoft error.

    Monday morning at 10am Da Mayor and Chico will clarify their position and state that all our students are smart and if they are not, then it is our responsibility to train them to not be dumb.

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