Release of Chicago Humanities Festival Schedule

The schedule for what is probably Chicago’s single greatest annual event, the Chicago Humanities Festival, has been released. This year’s theme is “The Body” and the usual array of literary, philosophical, cultural, musical, and otherwise artistic super heavyweight thinkers, so to speak, are lined up to share their thinking with the rest of us.

Check out the schedule by poking around HERE.

As always, tickets to events that are not sold out are free (or super cheap) to educators and students (a good reason to get a new ID, if you haven’t already).

2 thoughts on “Release of Chicago Humanities Festival Schedule

  1. So what events is everyone planning to attend? First on my list, Rebeccas Goldstein, author of “The Betrayal of Spinoza,” on the Mind-Body Problem.

    • My leading candidates are:
      ~Riva Lehrer, “Beauty and Variation”
      ~Susan Nussbaum, “Hollywood Images of Disability”
      ~Leslie Marmon Silko, Interview
      ~Paul Bloom, “How Pleasure Works”
      and, of course, Martha Nussbaum on the politics of Disgust.

      The Goldstein lecture looks awesome, too…

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