New Policy Question

Anybody know why we weren’t allowed to add any seats to our classes this semester, as we have been able to do (to an understandably limited extent) in past semesters?

I really hate telling students who want to be in my class, and could reasonably be, that I can’t get them in because “It’s policy”…

9 thoughts on “New Policy Question

  1. I heard a rumor, and mind you that this is just a rumor, that there was some abuse by faculty with respect to adding seats and qualifying for extra moolah for over-enrollment. I find this hard to believe; that’s why I’m taking it with a grain of salt.

    I, too, am annoyed by this. During registration, adding seats was always my ace-in-the-hole move for a student with no other options other than a class I was teaching.

  2. At the same time, on the day after the class began, two students were placed in two of my courses that were already at maximum capacity without my consultation. So while I don’t have the ability to add an extra seat for a student, some administrator still does.

    • That’s true. I did have a student who paid but was dropped added to a full class by an administrator. I figured this only occurred b/c of the nature of the situation.

  3. I heard a rumor that it was two-fold: avoid paying teachers for overenrollment and to send students to our sister schools (like MX) whose enrollment numbers were low. Don’t know if there’s any validity to either.

  4. Hmmm…
    Last semester I was told that I could only open 4 additional seat for my day sections, in other words, go from 35 to 39 seats (40 students = $$$, and that’s a number admin really watches). I did not try to use my “ace-in-the-hole” this semester so I don’t have an answer but this does present a problem:
    What is the policy for instituting policies at our college and/or at our district? If it is a policy, how are we to know?

    Methinks FC needs to invite HWC admins to a meeting (sooner than later) to clarify this fact/rumor. Just a suggestion. I’d hate to see us completing registration for the Spring semester still wondering about this.

    • I’ll bring it up if no one else does, Realist. Though it should be said that we met for an hour with Mr. Brown last spring and for 90 minutes or so with Dean Blair and Cheryl Wiley, and I thought we settled on some interesting action plan possibilities, but when we came back, it seems, nothing had changed…maybe we’ll be able to get the word on why not.

      • Thanks for that PhiloDave. I, too, was a bit disappointed but how none of what we talked about seemed to be adopted. In the end, the students seem to get the short end of the stick with respect to registration at least.

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