4 thoughts on “What Up?

  1. I teach on Saturday! The rest of the weekend will be filled with laundry and other exciting domestic activities. Hopefully, we will walk along the lakefront and soak in the some more summer.
    have a good one 🙂

  2. Minnesota, a day on the river and a wedding, a good way to decompress after an alright 1st week
    Maybe I’ll remember how to write a complete sentence. There it goes.

  3. I’m going to have a drink in honor of the only week in which I’m not grading anything. I’m also bidding my best friend adieu. He’s moving to Argentina for a year to teach English: good for Argentina and my friend, very bad for me.

  4. Doin’ my best to enjoy summer and similar to Heraclitus, trying to finish some of my own readin’ before the wave of essays are due. Oh yeah, like Cnepstad, takin’ care of domestic responsibilities too!

    Enjoy the weather peeps! It’s been gaw-jes! Beautiful, ya’ know what I mean…

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