New Contest

So the contests have pretty much been a bust so far. The March Madness bracket only drew four players and was won by me because I had one final four team and the other three players had none. Lame. The World Cup bracket was no better–four players and Dave won; again because no one else had any teams in the finals. Lame.

Our “When Will Registration Close for New Students Prediction Contest drew more than four players (hooray), but we all lost since, to my knowledge, the college was still registering students through Friday (leading me to wonder how we could have crazy high enrollment AND a rash of canceled classes, but I digress). Still we had nine guesses:

Carrie, Tues@3:02; Usually Confused, T@ 4:03; ITejeda, Wed @ 11; Philodave, Wed @3:42; TyrannosaurusX, Wed @4; Kamran, Th@11; HelloKitty, Fri @10:42; Mathissexy, Fri @1;  Realist, DNG. So I don’t really know who won. I guess maybe Mathissexy? I’ll leave this one to the Peanut Gallery.

Today’s contest is GUESS WHEN THE DWFDW SURVEY WILL BE SENT OUT TO FACULTY. It was just two weeks ago yesterday that our Provost announced that faculty would “soon receive a survey” about their experiences at DWFDW. Still waiting. Patiently. When do you think it will come? Make your prediction here…

Bonus Critical Thinking Question: What can we justifiably infer about the feedback they got on the evaluation forms if we don’t receive a survey?

3 thoughts on “New Contest

  1. Methinks the better contest question is:

    When the Chancellor arrives on Thursday, will it be to seek ideas for revising the developmental program; or will it be to inform us of the Administration’s new designs for developmental education?

    [With only two choices, there is a greater likelihood of having winners!]

  2. My guess? Hmmmmm….
    Chico and The Gal will send out the survey December 2010; IF, and only IF, one of our faculty members reminds The Gal about the survey when she stops by for a visit next week.
    However, I reserve the right to also guess that Chico and The Gal will send out the survey during the month of March 2011.

    PhiloDave, If I’m a cheatin’ let me know and I’ll give you ONE guess.

    What we can infer if no surveys come our way?
    That the plan is to run this EDUCATIONAL institution like a CORPORATE entity (read: reinvent bu$ine$$) and we’s nothin’ but worker bees and we best do as we’re told and not ask questions ’cause da mayor don’t like it when citizens actually THINK and asks critical questions. Oops, there I go a thinkin’…

  3. The New Vision does not see a survey in your future. Better luck next time.

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