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I fell over this article in last week’s Trib about “The Art of Freestyling” which was written around a video of a local Chicago artist, “Rhymefest” talking about his process and techniques for freestyle rapping and battles.

We wanted to interview an expert on freestyling, someone we can dive into the brain with and attempt to break down the creative and technical process of battle-rapping. We found that person in Rhymefest, Chicago native, community activist and Grammy-winning hip-hop artist. Rather than articulate it in print, we collaborated with Rhymefest in a short film called “The Art of Freestyling” (above).

Three tips to better freestyling from iO’s Rene Duquesnoy

1. One-syllable words ending with strong vowels sounds are easier to rhyme than ones that end in a consonant. “Bay” is easier to rhyme than “catastrophic.”

2. When you freestyle about a certain topic, you free-associate words. Say it’s skydiving and you think of the word “plane.” Don’t use it immediately ā€” save the money word for the second line of the couplet.

3. If you have nothing to rhyme or you’re stuck, you can fake it with energy. Make some sort of big declaration and the audience will think you’re fearless.

I don’t know how you’ll be able to use this video, but I’m sure that most of our disciplines will be able to use parts of it for something…it’s longish, but worth watching, I think.

(Sorry I couldn’t embed it; Vimeo won’t let me)

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