Brainstorming Questions for the Chancellor’s Visit

What questions would you like to see her answer?

(It is my understanding that she occasionally visits our humble corner of the Intertoobz (Hi, Chancellor, if you’re looking!), and so might see some of our questions without our having to stand in the line and should them through the bad sound system in 103.)

Fire away.

Bonus points if you can do an imitation of someone who usually asks (or used to) questions at these sorts of things (Rocco, Ruggeri, etc.).

12 thoughts on “Brainstorming Questions for the Chancellor’s Visit

  1. The ratio between adjunct and full-time faculty is appalling. Multiple studies point to the fact that having such a serious imbalance of part-time vs. full time negatively affects student learning and the institution as a whole. What are your plans to remedy this imbalance for the reinvention of CCC?

  2. There has been a lot of talk recently about Completion as a measure of success. Since many students do not graduate from CCC, it appears that CCC is not successfully serving these students. Does the reinvention include an office that will track students after they leave CCC to see where they go and what they are able to accomplish even without a CCC degree?

  3. Many students and faculty are distressed at the idea of changing the developmental education program at CCC and the talk of turning to alternative or charter schools as a means of serving underprepared students. Can you clearly define what you and Mr. Chico mean when you talk about developmental education? Are you referring to the Adult Education program, GED Program, ESL courses, pre-credit(foundational studies) courses, credit courses that are below college-level, or all of the above?

  4. Good afternoon Chancellor Hyman,
    How’s that survey comin’ along? I gots this bet going with my peeps and I wants to win… real bad. It’ll help my self esteem.
    Tanks for listenin’!

  5. Excuse me Chancellor,
    Since no one else is asking questions, may I be permitted to ask one more?

    At DWFDW, we were told that electronic submission of final grades would become a reality. Thank you, and I’ll believe it when I actually doin’ it. My question: I’d like to know why we will not be submitting mid-term grades electronically as well?

    Before you answer, I’d like to add that if big C (that would be our central office otherwise known as district headquarters) can drop a SYLLABUS link into all of our Blackboard sites and demand that we upload syllabi, couldn’t you appoint one of the vice-chancellors to address this matter? I believe this requets falls directly under the re-invention category, dontchathink?

  6. Why are HWC ID’s required for the Chancellor’s visit? What is she afraid of? Next thing you know we’ll all have to walk through a metal detector and one of those full body scanners before we’re allowed in the same room with her. Can anyone say “Paranoid”.

    • It is a very strange thing. For a minute I thought that it may be a ploy to push all of us to update our ids. Now I’m thinking that it may be a hint of paranoia. It’s a weird world we live in.

    • One of the security guards told me that the Chancellor was at HW over the summer, after summer session ended, and she parked her car right outside the building on Lake. She refused to leave the building without a security escort – at 3 in the afternoon. Two security guards had to escort her the five feet from the front door to her brand new SUV. Does she really think she’s so important that anyone would seriously want to cause her harm? Someone needs to get over herself.

    • Hold up a minute…
      Isn’t this a public meeting? In a public building?
      Reinvention? More like Regression. Why we gotta start off this way?

      Can we at least be told WHY this is a requirement? This ain’t right.

      • I was told by Pres. Metoyer that this is simply for security reasons – and not about updating our ID’s. I think he would answer if you asked him where the decision came form and why.

        • Today, an adjunct faculty member who did not have an updated HWC id, but did have a current MX ID was escorted out of the building by George Bickford and security guards when he tried to attend the Chancellor’s meeting. This happened right in front of me. This guy’s been working at HW for 20 years and this is how he was treated. George Bickford even called him by name, so it’s not like he didn’t know who he was.

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