Reminder: Please Vote in the Poll about the Chancellor’s Presentation

If you haven’t already, please scroll down to the bottom of this post and vote your conscience. We have met our initial goal already (25 votes; currently 33 have voted), though it’s possible that a few of those represent the positions of faculty from Truman (Hi, Truman faculty, and welcome!). Still, there are more votes to be heard, I’m sure. The voting currently stands as follows:

Very Convinced by Chancellor’s Argument= 5

In Between about Chancellor’s Argument= 15

Unconvinced by Chancellor’s Argument= 13

Happy about the proposed process = 1

Reservations about the proposed process = 13

Grave concerns about the proposed process = 19

Also, stay tuned for more information about the next steps we will take locally regarding this Reinvention Process. The Faculty Council is discussing plans and possibilities with President Metoyer and among each other to try to make sure that HWC voices get heard, whether they are on the Task Forces or not.

More info soon. Thanks for playing to all.

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