Updated Info for Curriculum Committee

In case you didn’t see it, Theresa Carlton (Curriculum Committee Chair) sent me some updated information about the Curriculum Committee, including their membership, charge, and meeting schedule. Check it out here (or by clicking on the Curriculum Committee page above).

As slg noticed and recently noted, not all of the pages have been updated with information. I’ve reached out to people in regard to each of the listed groups, and received information from a few, promises for information from others, and total radio silence/non-responsiveness from yet others. nd if you are a leader or member of a different committee and would like me to post information for you (membership, minutes, etc.), drop me a line with the info and I’ll happily do it. Better yet, volunteer to be the information liaison for your committee, and I’ll put you onto the Lounge as a person with “Contributor Power” so you can update us with information on the page and occasional posts, too. All are welcome.

And if I’m missing a committee that faculty participate on, please let me know. I know there are a few more out there, including all the Heritage Month Committees, but I wasn’t sure about their current status, so I didn’t put them up yet. Let me know if you’d like to see a committee listed that isn’t, and let me know what the committee info is, too.

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