Tuesday Teaching Question

So here we are, already, in Week 5 of the semester. We are halfway to the midterm and 25% done with the semester’s meetings. That initial energy, borne of new topics and new classmates and new possibilities, is just beginning to lag a bit, to wane as the realities of student lives and the novelty of the semester settle in. I noticed it in one of my classes last week, and it’s starting to hit my others this week a bit.

So, I’m thinking about motivation. What do you do to recharge your students’ motivational batteries? How do you keep them fired up? What’s your secret?

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaching Question

  1. If possible, I take the time to point out what we’ve accomplished thus far and what’s left to accomplish in the semester. (So, we look at the SLOs and/or we revisit one of the earlier lessons.) For some students, just realizing that they’ve already gained something from the class is enough to revitalize them.

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