Possible Source for Transfer Data?

I was reading the Tribune last week, when I saw an article on McHenry County Community College hitting a record for enrollment. Skimming through it, I came upon this paragraph down toward the end:

According to statistics compiled by the Illinois Shared Enrollment and Graduation Consortium’s database, MCC students who transferred to a four-year school in 2007-08 had an average grade-point average of 2.98, as compared with an average 2.91 GPA earned by students who began their postsecondary education at a four-year school.

“What’s this?” I thought. Data on transfers? So I did a little searching for the Illinois Shared Enrollment and Graduation Consortium and I think I found them, but I couldn’t manage to get to any useful data (or even comprehensible data) about either Harold Washington or the City Colleges of Chicago. Anybody out there want to give it a try?

Let us know what you find out…

2 thoughts on “Possible Source for Transfer Data?

  1. So, I did a little digging on this website, and it turns out that the data is not available to the public. Non-for-profit colleges and universities submit their data to the consortium, the main audience being lawmakers and government funding. An organization can submit a request for specific data with the research purpose and method clearly stated. The request will then be reviewed by the consortium, and if the data is made available, the organization must agree to share their results with the consortium. So, we could, as a district, request all enrollment, graduation and completion data for students who enrolled at CCC in, say, Fall 2005. This would tell us if these students completed with us, enrolled in another college/university, and whether they graduated from there. Technically, there should also be workforce data which would tell us if students accepted job offers from participating businesses. Seems like just the kind of information we need before moving forward with a reinvention.

    What’s interesting is that CCC is a participating school, and Antonio Gutierrez is the data supplier to the consortium. So, district knows this data exists, knows they can request access to it and use it to see where our students go after they leave us, but they haven’t, as far as we know. Why not? Are they afraid that it would break their “Case for Change”? With 90% of our students requiring remediation and only 7% of students completing what they set out to do, wouldn’t this data actually make the “Case for Change” stronger? Let’s be transparent and gather as much information as possible before we start making decisions.

    • Well done–you got way farther into it than I could manage to. Thanks. Good points one and all…

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