Genius Grants Announced

I love this foundation. What an amazing idea (and project). Check out this year’s award winners HERE.

Here’s my second favorite (this year). My favorite, though, is the guy who wrote this (my second favorite scene from the series he wrote called The Wire, widely regarded as the best show ever to be on television, ever–WARNING: this scene includes some significant profanity and potentially offensive language. Please be mindful of your environment when you hit play):

(and my favorite scene from The Wire that David Simon wrote is this one–my beloved is a high school English teacher, and when we saw it, we both talked about how much we’d love to use it in a class to teach tone, inflection, sub-text, and meaning and how utterly impossible it would be. Great writing, though. Again, be forewarned that the language is potentially offensive. If you are someone offended by profanity (or brief nudity), then you should not watch the clip.)

Before I saw The Wire, my favorite TV show ever was a show called Homicide: Life on the Streets. Also written by David Simon. This was my favorite episode of that show and still ranks as the best thing I’ve ever seen on TV. No profanity, either–network tv!

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