How’s Your Knowledge of World Religions?

Did you read about the PEW Organization’s Religious Knowledge Study last week? There was a lot of news about it here and there, but the upshot is that they conducted a survey of adult Americans about their knowledge of world religions and the subjects’ scoring did not, as you may have predicted, demonstrate a remarkable mastery of one of the world’s major cultural differences.

Who scored the best? Atheists. (There is something delicious about that finding, isn’t there?)

Anyway, you can see the whole report by clicking here. Alternatively, or additionally, you can take a shortened version of the quiz yourself and compare yourself to the general sample and/or various sub-groups.

See if you can top my score: 15 out of 15. Oh wait…you can’t.

Still, you should take the quiz (then report yourself on our poll)!

7 thoughts on “How’s Your Knowledge of World Religions?

  1. Twelve years of religious education got me somewhere. I’ll let my parents know that it wasn’t in vain.

  2. Whew! 15 of 15! Although I wasn’t confident about the Supreme Court decisions; I voted based on what I thought they should say rather than my knowledge of what they actually did say. Glad to know that they correspond.

    • Good thing–else I would have questioned your worthiness for PhilosopherKing status…

  3. 11 out of 15.
    Maybe I need to think like an atheists.
    Why does the Jewish Sabbath begin on Friday? I thought the word sabbath evolved into the word saturday?
    Can someone please splain this? I’d like to but I’ve got to get to class soon.

    Tanks for this posting. You beat me to it..

    • I believe “Saturday” is derived from the Roman god Saturn and is unrelated to the term “Sabbath.”

      I have no idea why, but in Iran, Saturday is considered the first day of the week and Friday is considered the weekend. Of course, they have a completely different set of names for their days of the week. I always assumed that this was a Semitic custom that spread to Persia.

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