Local FC Elections–Vote THIS Week!

Sometime today you will receive a ballot for electing two local FC representatives (to replace our outgoing President Amanda Loos and Representative Matt Shevitz, whose terms are up in October). The voting will be open until Monday, October 11th at Noon.

Please mark your ballots, submit them in the envelope hung near your department mailboxes, and initial next to your name on the envelope as soon as you see it, lest it get lost in the mid-term shuffle.

The candidates for the three year terms are (in alphabetical order):

~Jess Bader, Art

~Anthony Escuadro, Physical Science

~Jane Regan, Art

~Molly Turner, English

~Matt Usner, English

(If any of you would like to do some electioneering, I encourage you to do it here in the comments below.)

Good luck to you all, and get out the vote, people!

One thought on “Local FC Elections–Vote THIS Week!

  1. Not to be any kind of a jerk, but it is good practice to ask the candidates some questions before voting, dontchathink? Here’s my question to all of this year’s wonderful candidates:

    Why do you want to be elected to our Faculty Council?

    I would like to vote for all of yous guys, but I can’t.
    Help me make up my mind.

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