Reinvention Task Force Invitation

Just in case you missed it in your email yesterday:

Reinvention is a college and city-wide effort – we must all be committed to its success
You are invited to dedicate the next ~9 months to making this effort a success by joining one of the task forces
Please email us at if you are interested and let us know:
  • Preference of task force
  • Brief biography, including skill set as pertains to the task force
  • 5 of your ideas to address the challenges within your preferred task force’s focus area
  • Time commitment you are willing to make- (for example, PT fall semester/FT spring semester.  This is especially important for faculty)
We will be reviewing these ideas and selecting the teams

A more detailed email with more information and participation options will be sent to the entire district explaining the application process for involvement in the Reinvention.

7 thoughts on “Reinvention Task Force Invitation

  1. It would have been nice for them to have included a reminder of the task forces in this e-mail.

    • I just reread the e-mail, and I’m a bit upset by the fact that this other e-mail may not come until after the deadline. Also, to ask on Tuesday to submit this e-mail with 5 ideas for that task force by the following Monday seems a bit quick except for those who already applied after the presentation. I’m just a bit disheartened by the haphazard nature. For the record, I’m hoping to find time to send this e-mail before Monday at 9 a.m. (why not noon?). I wish I’d had another week to think about it is all. Also, will faculty saying full-time committee be favored over those hoping for a part-time commitment? Will there be release time? I really need some more details but feel like I have to get on board to truly ensure the my voice is heard, through official, change-making channels.

      • According to the original proposal, “The task forces will focus on:
        1) Program Portfolio Design (i.e., what programs should we offer and where);
        2) Student Support and Pathways (Advising, tutoring, placement, support);
        3) Remediation;
        4) Faculty and Staff Development (Performance goals, metric development, evaluation methods, and development programs);
        5) Operational Excellence and Optimization (Facilities); and
        6) Technology (teaching, support, and data integrity).

        Which leaves me wondering which task force will have the jurisdiction to say, “Pay the adjuncts a livable rate while creating more full time positions.” Maybe Remediation, I guess…or Faculty and Staff Development.

  2. The deadline was not set by district. Just get your stuff in as soon as possible. A bunch of applications have already been submitted.

    • To one of Chris’ points, though, it would be nice to have the promised information “with more information and participation options…explaining the application process” BEFORE writing our applications.

      (And if District didn’t set the deadline, who did? Our President? (Please treat those both as being rhetorical.)If each President is setting a different deadline for application to District task forces, it would seem that the process is not (yet) organizized…)

      Furthermore, the fact that “a bunch of applications have already been submitted” says nothing about the credibility of the process. If you got an email from the government saying you should file your taxes within a week, and that email promised you another one with more information about the process and then a few days later you wondered aloud about when that information would be forthcoming and the response you got was, “Just get your stuff in as soon as possible. A bunch of people have already filed their taxes,” would you be persuaded that you should? I sure wouldn’t…

  3. Perhaps I missed it but – What are the hours of full time participation? Does that mean 9 to 5 or we set our own hours? Would our work be done mostly solo with occasional committee meetings or as a group? And are we located at our home school or do we ‘go’ somewhere to do the reinvention work?

    I would consider it (and get my information in soon) but I have a fairly tight ‘life’ schedule that I need to consider and my guess is that I am not alone in that. Unfortunately, during the reinvention meetings, I was off campus or in class so if this stuff has been addressed maybe someone could dash me the quick answers. 🙂

    • I think that falls under the “information to be supplied soon in another email” category, slg. No such details have been shared with faculty as of yet, to my knowledge.

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