Ah Tony…

Maybe this fits in with midterm entertainment week…not sure. I took PhiloDave’s advice and watched “Teach” with Tony Danza. I watched the first episode last week and just finished watching the second episode called “Tested”.

I’m not at all into reality TV. I don’t watch much TV at all actually, but this was …um…interesting and I hate to admit it, but it was kind of entertaining. It was also really painful, & mortifying! I think I have a gaper’s problem with this show. It’s like a train wreck; awful and gruesome, but you just have to look.

Danza is making all the mistakes that, if I’m being honest with myself, I have made (and continue to make) in my own teaching. He’s trying so hard that it’s endearing, but also kind of ..painful – that’s the word that keeps coming to mind! It is a rare glimpse into the process of a becoming a teacher and even though it’s TV, which means there is some showmanship to the whole thing, I think the essence of what it is like to be a teacher and to struggle with how best to help learners in front of you – that’s pretty real.

Check it out. Maybe it will be entertaining and distracting at a busy time in the semester. Maybe it will be too painful to watch. Maybe it can be an example of how we all struggle with this stuff whether we are experienced teachers or teaching for the first time.

Happy Week Eight everyone!

6 thoughts on “Ah Tony…

  1. Not that I wouldn’t like to take credit for everything that Carrie Nepstad does (who wouldn’t?), credit where it’s due–t’was the Realist’s advice…and we are not one and the same.

    • Him PhiloDave.
      You cnepstad.
      Me Realist.
      We all HWC peeps.
      Thanks for watching Tony AND for posting this week.

      • Oops, sorry! Everything blends…and, admittedly, I did not go back to check the original post.

        So, Realist, did you watch the second episode? What do you think? Will he cry every time? I think I’m hooked and now I know I have YOU to blame!

        have a great day, cnepstad

        • No problem cnepstad,
          I made the same mistake and gave credit to PhiloDave for one of your terrrrrific posts about touring the college.
          All’s good.

          Regarding the show, I’ve not had time to sit and watch it like I wanted to but I’m glad there are clips online. From what I’ve seen, Tony is trying. He’s coming in with his style of teaching and the students aren’t “buyin” into his pedagogy.
          Too soon to tell what will happen. If I have time to keep watching online and on TV, then I’ll have YOU to blame 😉

          I wonder how many of the students really know Tony’s background? Wonder what would happen if Eminem was their teacher tellin’ ’em to read…

  2. On a related note, does anyone watch “Community,” a sitcom about a community college? It is student-oriented, and it constantly pokes fun at community colleges and their professors. But once you get over that, and are willing to laugh at yourself a little bit, Community has turned out to be one of the most hilarious television shows I have ever watched. Chevy Chase is one of the stars of the show.

    I have yet to watch “Teach,” but I am sure I will add it to my couch-potato agenda soon.

    • I saw the promo clips but I’ve not had time to watch. I enjoy Chevy’s characters. I’ll have to see if the show is online.
      Thanks Heraclitus!

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