Questions for Metoyer

Because our interim President is awesome (e.g., Gladys Kravitz absolutely kills me, and if you don’t know who she is watch this: starting at 2:12) and he knows we have some burning questions, he has invited the entire Faculty Council to meet with him this week.

We’re still working on the day and time, but we hope to pepper him with questions from all sides, to attempt to disorient him and get him to speak the truth accidentally and then use it again…wait, what am I saying…mostly we hope for doughnuts. That might just be me, though.

Ok, so we won’t pepper him mercilessly with questions; we’ll just ask them. But we would like to know what you’d like us to ask–in addition to gathering any info that he might have about the logos, about the Reinvention teams (like where they will work and what the hours will be like and whether two part timers will equal one full timer and so on and so forth), what would you like us to ask?

11 thoughts on “Questions for Metoyer

  1. I have to agree that we have a darn good interim President.
    Here’s a question: How many adjuncts should a department have before administration recognizes the need for a full-time faculty member? Is there a ratio, or is it based on economics.

  2. Dave, you should ask him whether he thinks the Central Office just wants to do developmental courses with technology. You know, … no more teachers (maybe a little “facilitating,” but no teaching), save money, etc. Or, is Central Office more serious about developmental ed? Thanks.

    • Wright College is now an NCAT participant and has agreed to redesign their developmental math courses using the Emporium Model.

  3. When will the task force members be selected and announced? When will the local task forces be formed? Is there any criteria to be on a local task force?

    Three questions isn’t peppering, is it?

    • Only if it is accompanied by a handful of pepper. Good ones. The last two will probably be questions that he turns right back on Faculty Council. At our last meeting we talked about forming support teams that mirror the task forces and confab with any HW member assigned thereto. I’m sure we’ll be talking more about them as we go forward, but we didn’t talk about criteria for membership (other than willingness) in the first round on the topic.

  4. Question: Would he consider telling us all of the administrative/office name changes/personnel changes at the District Office? The District Libraries don’t know who we report to anymore. The Library Quality Review, which we worked on for 9 months has not been finished for our final input. We can’t even find the VC who was in charge. He was to do the final draft and give us the opportunity to finetune, clear up any discrepancies. No word since June 22, 2010. I know this is too much info, but you had to have some backgraound for the question, right? 🙂

  5. Two cents PhiloDave,
    Should this post be “sticky” until you meet with Metoyer?

      • Can FC also ask Metoyer if he has information regarding the status of the College Success courses? Will we be able to teach a section as part of our regular load (if we choose to do so)?

        Thanks for the sticky post.

  6. Mr. Inter-pres, now that Chico has left CCC, what effect will his departure have on our humble campus?
    (I’m tryin’ to sound formal and all. Tidy it up for me if needed FC peeps.)

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