Highlights from the Board Report–October

Highlights from the Board Report is a monthly regular feature that highlights what one person finds to be important from the most recent Board Report. We read it so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

In light of the last few days, I considered renaming this post, but talked myself out of it. Nonetheless, here we go:

~Brandon Pendleton was named a finalist for the Kathy Osterman award.

~Enrollment is up everywhere  except Kennedy-King, which is down slightly, as of September.

~There was an interesting financial report. I won’t pretend to know what the numbers mean, but you’re welcome to look for yourself. I was interested in the section on Projects, which stated the following:

With the start of the Fall 2010 semester, Follett’s and Becks implemented a text book rental program in order to provide a method of obtaining books at a lower price. As of 9/1/10, $84,755 was expended by students at Daley, Olive Harvey, Kennedy-King, and Malcolm X. Follett’s indicated no rentals at their locations as of the first. Administrative Services will follow with Student Services to investigate the reasons for lack of activity since the program was strongly requested by students at Harold Washington and Truman.

There’s also a report from IT–they’ve chosen the Microsoft solution for student, faculty and staff email. They did not say if they will be transitioning email during finals week. What do you want to bet that its either that or during the first week of spring classes?

~There was a nice resolution for Saundra Banyard.

~There were some interesting hires.

~People did great things.

~Faculty Council President Ellen Eason-Montgomery addressed the Board.

I’ll let you decide what the highlight is…for some reason, I couldn’t pick.

7 thoughts on “Highlights from the Board Report–October

  1. Interesting on the new hires – it appears we have more Investigators (investigating what I am not sure).

    • I too wonder why we need all of these investigators (making $60-83,000)and what they could possibly be investigating. Does anyone know if CCC has always had investigators and what are/were their responsibilities. http://www.ccc.edu/brpublic/2010/October/30611.pdf. Also, did anyone notice the job listings? Apparently HWC is hiring for an ASSISTANT Director, Research and Planning. Since one given reason for some of the firings was that the Chancellor wanted to get rid of all the Assistant positions this seems further insulting to our staff. Check out all the job openings at http://projects.ccc.edu/JobList/viewAllJobPage.aspx. But be quick, it changes without warning.

      • The investigators are here mainly to follow us home and ensure that we are actually living up to the residency requirement. Again, a nice way to get rid of tenured faculty. Quoting a Union rep, “God forbid you get into a fight with your boyfriend and spend the night at your mother’s house in the suburbs. You will be fired.”

  2. Slg – Someone has to make sure we don’t escape outside of the city limits. Affordable housing, lower property taxes, a real recycling program, and half-decent public schools are NOT included in our benefits package.

  3. I have heard that the investigators are looking into “ghost payrolls”, and employees “stealing time” as well as people who are living outside the borders…

  4. I never envisioned myself being a criminal type that needed constant investigating when I decided to teach in my discipline. Who knew I was so dangerous and law breaking. I think I am beginning to feel a bit insulted – can we hire investigators to follow and observe District Administrators…

    • I don’t see why not. Is the Chancellor subject to the residency law? If so, there is only one Cheryl Hyman in all of Illinois, and she lives in Lansing, IL not Chicago.

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