Philosophy of Education Conference

Are you without plans for next Friday and Saturday?

Consider checking out the program for a Philosophy of Ed conference put on by the Society for the Philosophical Study of Education. It’s an exceptionally inexpensive conference and typically has a nice mix of the practical and the theoretical.

The registration fee is $65 and includes a year membership, but I wrote to them and asked if they could wiggle on that and they generously agreed to let HWC (and CCC) adjuncts register for $20. It’s a great opportunity for adjuncts to see some papers (and network a bit) and get an inexpensive professional development opportunity (as well as another line on the CV). PLEASE share this with the adjuncts in your department. Back when I was one, I would have jumped at the chance to feel and be academic in any sense other than just in front of my students.

As it says on the program, the conference is taking place in Film Row Cinema Center, which is part of Columbia College, located in the South Loop.

If you have any questions you can write me or go right to the horse’s mouth; Allen Johnston from DePaul is the President of the SPSE and the guy who coordinated the rate negotiation for the adjuncts. His email is Please keep in mind though, that he has a large role in putting together a conference that starts six days from now, so try not to overwhelm him with things that you might be able to figure out by other means.

You can register the morning of the conference, but if my memory serves me right, they could not process credit cards for the registration, so please bring cash or a personal check.

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