A Little Medicine

Ok, so this week has been–by turns and sometimes all at once–stunning, frustrating, saddening, enraging, worrying and depressing–and that’s how it’s been for those of us who still HAVE our jobs. Lest we forget what we’re doing and why, I thought I might show you this. I was going to save it until April for National Poetry Month, and I’m sure that 95% of you have received an email text version, but those don’t really do it justice.

It’s a piece that was written as Spoken Word, and so Taylor Mali’s piece must be heard to be experienced. And the animation doesn’t hurt either…

3 thoughts on “A Little Medicine

    • Did you get verklempt or is it just me? It hits me every time (and at the same part), and I always think it won’t…

  1. Can we make this a Public Service Announcement promoted by AFT sponsored by Commonwealth Edison showing light bulbs turning on in each slide.Just a suggestion!

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