November Cornucopia (Now Without Corn!)

A few odds and ends, all from The Week:

~Smart kids tend to drink more when they grow up, apparently.

~Writing by hand makes kids smarter, explaining why cursive should still be taught in schools (sort of).

~Year round schooling is become more and more common for kids (I don’t think it will happen for college kids, though–at least not until they are unable to make enough working summer jobs to contribute meaningfully to their college tuition bills…oh, wait; that’s now).

2 thoughts on “November Cornucopia (Now Without Corn!)

  1. Can anyone explain the case for NOT teaching cursive in schools. I really don’t understand this. Are not college lectures mostly accompanied by cursive comments on the board? Do not intelligent folks take cursive notes at meetings and the like (i.e., to do it fast). What gives?

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