Chronicle Day: On Completion and Regionality

So, earlier this week, I posted a bunch of stuff from Inside Higher Ed. Today, it’s the Chronicle of Higher Education’s day in the sun (at least until news trickles back from this morning’s Board meeting–which, hopefully, you will be attending if you don’t have classes to teach/attend).

This first one is about a pair of papers about steps that may be taken to improve completion rates. Check it out here.

The federal government should get more involved in the country’s degree-completion agenda by creating policies that would allow easier transfer of students’ prior credits and learning experiences, according to scholars who spoke at a forum on Thursday about improving educational attainment.

New federal policies that would focus on improving education in the nation’s 20 largest metropolitan regions that cross state boundaries could also increase the number of people with college degrees, the scholars said. One in five Americans live in those regions, and one-quarter of their residents are under the age of 18.

The ideas were presented during a forum, held by the Center for American Progress, that focused on examining the stronger role that the federal government could play in improving degree-completion rates.

I know that this might not be the week to talk out loud about an “expanded Federal role” in anything, but the targets are federal ones, so the assistance maybe ought to be, too.

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