15 thoughts on “Reinvention – It has a face, sorta

  1. I saw this about a month ago, but couldn’t pull my phone out fast enough to snap a pic. Interesting to see what district is spending money on…

  2. It’s just not good marketing.

    Doesn’t this imply that CCC has been doing something wrong or that CCC shouldn’t be reinventing?

    If this were a political campaign I’d think this ad is from someone opposed to reinvention.

  3. Hellokitty, that’s EXACTLY what I thought the first time I saw this ad a few weeks back. Seriously, whose the braintrust at DO that looked at that ad and said, “yeah, let’s print it!”?

  4. Well, all those new folks at District wouldn’t have jobs unless something was “wrong” with CCC. When is the mayoral race and how long afterward can we change the “leadership” after that? Hopefully before more good people, doing good work, get fired so the Chancellor, Henderson and Lopez can reinvent a less student-oriented City College.

  5. I am really confused by the message in this ad. CCC is reinventing me. My career. My future. If I were a student reading this, it sounds like CCC is reinventing students. Why would I go to an institution that wants to change who I am?

    One of the biggest things that district is forgetting is that college is not merely a place students go to get a job. It is in college when students really discover their self-identity. They figure out who they are, who they want to be, where their interests lie. The college experience is a growth process, where students move from childhood to adulthood (at least traditional college students). It is where students expand their world and learn that there is much more out there than what they know, what they are familiar with, what they are comfortable with. Most students will change their major at least once during the course of their college career, either because they discovered a new field that they didn’t know existed, or because through a course they found a new passion. We cannot expect our students to walk in and know what they want to do or what they want out of life. College is where they find that. We are not here to “reinvent” our students, their careers or their future. We are here to help SHAPE them. Ultimately, it is up to the individual students to “reinvent” themselves.

    How many of us are where we imagined being at this point in our lives when we were in college? I know that I’m not. I started college with a plan to become a clinical child psychologist. Now, I am a community college math professor. That’s a long way away from where I ever imagined being, even when I graduated. Our job is not to train students with a particular set of skills for a particular job. Our goal is to open doors for students, but it is up to the students to walk through those doors.

  6. Reinvent means to remake or redo completely, to make as if for the first time something already invented, to bring into use again. How can one possibly reinvent the future? And why would we want to reinvent a human being as they are not invented in the first place. As for reinventing a career – that isn’t even our business – we prepare folks for careers but we don’t reinvent current careers. This ad makes no sense and it is hype in the very worse way.

    This ad is just an excuse to use the word reinvent in a very large font.

    I am really getting heart sick at the complete lack of scholarship at the administrative levels of the City Colleges of Chicago. I fear for our future.

  7. I think he was going to finish his statement but then started choking on bus fumes and died. This is a sad day.

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