Monday Music

Monday Music is a regular feature whose goal is to provide you with some music to get you fired up for another week of doing the yeoperson’s work of educating the citizenry. Requests welcome!

I had a radio show in college for a couple of years–it was totally lame because the station could only be heard in the 3 closest of the 15 or so dorms on campus and nobody ever listened to it, which made it AWESOME, too–and the first year I was the last show/late night guy and the next year I was the morning guy. I opened up every show for two years with Ministry. Usually it was “Jesus Built My Hot Rod” but if I was in a bad mood, it was this one because it rocks (make sure you get to at least 1:40 and then try not to hurt yourself). Once I played it and had it jacked up so loud that security came up and threatened to shut me down and get me fired if I didn’t turn it down because right below the studio was a big light fixture over a student study area and it was vibrating so much they thought it might fall on the people sitting underneath it. I wish I could tell you that I locked myself into the studio and put it on repeat for 79 hours, shouting “SO WHAT?!” along with the lyrics until I passed out from exhaustion, but that didn’t happen. I said, “Ok,” turned it down and then spent the rest of the show mumbling about what I should have done. Still, the point is, the song totally rocks.

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