Website Wednesday

If you’re not hitting the highways or the friendly skies (pat-down!) for the Thanksgiving break, you might find yourself with some down time to catch your breath and do some pleasure reading. If so, don’t forget that all HWC employees have at-home access to an absolute treasure trove of periodicals through our library’s online databases. Once or twice a month I find myself scrolling through the 4000+ titles of ProQuest’s Research Library database, and I inevitably find something worthwhile to peruse in journals like the The Canadian Journal of Film Studies or Community College Review or Comparative Civilizations Review (and that’s just three of the 437 “C” titles). It’s not just academic publications either. If you want to hunker down with People or Vogue or American Cheerleader, they’re on there. I just downloaded some recipes from Vegetarian Times. The majority of titles offer full-content access, with individual articles available for download in PDF. Once you access ProQuest, click on the “Publications” tab to see an alphabetized list of all their periodical titles. Keep in mind, too, that ProQuest is just one of our library’s online databases. Check out all of them here. Remember that you’ll need to log-in with your CCC username/password to access any of the databases. HWC’s library log-in page for faculty, staff, and administrators is here. Happy reading!

One thought on “Website Wednesday

  1. Thanks for the reminder Matt U!
    I don’t know if I’ll have time to do some pleasure reading this weekend but I have used this resource in the past to supplement my classes with additional readings when necessary. I like to look for older articles from the Tribune and Sun-Times that require a small fee on the public side, yet are “free” when accessed through the library’s site.

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