Monday Music

Monday Music is a regular feature whose goal is to provide you with some music to get you fired up for another week of doing the yeoperson’s work of educating the citizenry.

Welcome back peeps! This is week 15! Ahhhhh! ONE. MORE. WEEK. TO. GO.

Here’s a tune that should get ya movin’. It’s also my way of saying ‘you are welcome’  to PhiloDave for last week’s selection.

In light of conversations I had this weekend with family members, I am taking down the original music post because it may be offensive to some folks if they are not aware of my reason for posting. My apologies to all who did see and may have been offended.

Here’s a different post:

2 thoughts on “Monday Music

  1. Just tryin’ to police myself, PhiloDave. Tis better to be safe than sorry. More cogitating the next time.

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