Start a Grading Deadline Petition in Your Department

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Stand down, everyone. We shall post more info when we have it, but in the meantime, it appears that we can pencil in December 15th as a due date for grades (see the comments below).


UPDATE: So, in light of Matt U’s question on the Next Up post, I wrote to our Registrar to find out if a due date had been set. I’ll have more on her response later, but in the meantime, I think we should go with the petition idea, but change the audience to VP Hader (for deliver to the OD meeting working on the assumption that the date reported to FC4 is the planned date. Carry on.

I am totally serious about this one. These grade deadlines have made me angry since I started here primarily for their unreasonableness. They have been justified by the need of the registrar’s office staff to enter and verify the grades for all of the classes before the “system” is shut down. They get a week to enter and verify the grades, while we have anywhere from 8 to 48 hours to assign them (which really ends up pushing everyone’s finals into Week 15 and blowing a week of class time). Talk about a perverse incentive for providing a meaningful assessment of student learning–the grading time is actually a disincentive for doing anything other than scantron. But I digress.

My point HERE is that we should object. So, per the post last night, I’d like to suggest that someone from each department post a petition (copy and paste the following and tape it to a wall near the mailboxes), reading:

Dear Registrar Wiley:

We the faculty request that we be provided an adequate amount of time from the end of classes to evaluate and calculate student grades. In light of the efficiencies that are to be realized from the electronic submission of grades (hooray!), please consider changing the submission date for final grades from Saturday, December 11th to at least Monday, December 13th, if not later (if possible). Thank you in advance for your assistance.


The Undersigned Faculty

Be sure to leave enough signature lines for the adjuncts in your department, too. I will go around to the department offices on Wednesday morning, collect them and deliver them to the registrar, with copies to the Dean of Instruction.

4 thoughts on “Start a Grading Deadline Petition in Your Department

  1. Maybe we should, as my dad often says, hold our horses. Here’s Cheryl’s response, sent to me and various dept. chairs and my response to her.

    I no longer have anything to do with the deadline dates for submission of final grades. That is determined by DO. Each instructor will receive an automatically generated e-mail which will inform them when their grades are due. To my knowledge, the date will be set for each instructor based on when their class is scheduled to end, however, the grades can be submitted through the system up to 12-18-10 when the system is set to shut down for end of term processing. If I hear anything differently, I will let you know.

    Cheryl A. Wiley, Registrar
    Harold Washington College
    30 E. Lake St.
    Chicago, IL. 60601
    phone: 312-553-6071
    Fax: 312-553-6077


    Thanks a lot for the speedy response. Who at district can we contact to find out those dates before the e-mails come out?


  2. And some more news. This is promising but it would be nice to know who we can contact at District about this. I don’t understand why district would have mentioned the 12/11 date to FC4.


    I don’t, but I can tell you that there is no intent to set 12-11-10 as a submission date. The general date will be 12-15-10.

    Cheryl A. Wiley, Registrar
    Harold Washington College
    30 E. Lake St.
    Chicago, IL. 60601
    phone: 312-553-6071
    Fax: 312-553-6077

  3. I just spoke with Ms. Wiley and she politely provided me with the same answers.
    Yes, someone at District has set the dates. She does not know who, only that it is a District decision.
    For those that were wondering, she also stated that we will be able to electronically submit grades from home.

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