Reinvention: It has a publicity campain, don’t U know it?

That ain’t no typo peeps. There is a difference between a campaign and THIS reinvention CAMPAIN.
From District’s point of view, all is going according to plan. This eye candy appeared in our lobby shortly after the ‘official’ Nov 18th launch. There sure is a lot of style. The only thing missing is substance. (Click on the image for an enlarged view of the banner – ’cause you ain’t seen enough of it already!)

Take a look at what The Truman Lounge had to say ’bout that U.

Hmmm, wonder how much money we spent on this endeavor?
Can anypeep confirm if our sister colleges gots the same treatment?

15 thoughts on “Reinvention: It has a publicity campain, don’t U know it?

  1. I’m no expert in marketing but I have to say, I like the colors and I like the catchy-ness of the slogan. Isn’t that what a good ad is about?

    Let me just think through the message a bit:

    It’s all about U, meaning “you” and I assume it’s all about U, meaning “university”, right?

    So, if that’s the case, the assumption is that all the you’s out there want to go to a U? This part is a bit unclear to me but maybe I’m over thinking it.

    I’m not an expert in this kind of thing, but I do think that marketing is something that an institution has to invest in and I think it’s a good thing to see consistent marketing for CCC.

    But, it seems that for a movement to really get started, the people involved in the process (faculty, local administrators, student service professionals, etc.) need to understand the message and to believe in it.

    So, what do you believe in?

    If we are saying to students that it’s all about them, I’m OK with that. I can get behind that kind of message.

    It’s all about “you” communicates that we are here for you, we will help you, we will support you to achieve your goals.

    Isn’t that a good thing to communicate to students?

    • I agree the colors are good. However, I am not sure what the U stands for in this message. As you’ve stated Anonymous, it could stand for student or university or both.
      Catchy, yes. Elegant, ok. Appropriate? No.
      Not for an institution that is promoting academic excellence. It makes our lobby look like the entrance to a shopping center and y’all know how I feel ’bout that.

      On the one hand we’re saying that it’s acceptable to use texting lingo around the college ’cause it’s cool. Keep in mind this message is coming from folks who want students to take off their hats upon entering the buidling ’cause that ain’t acceptable, and it ain’t cool, and it don’t reflect well on the institution.
      Think about that for a while, U’all.

  2. You’ve got to be kidding me. (Or should I say, “Uv gawt 2 b kiddn mi.”)

    I remember a few years ago, East-West College had an ad campaign on CTA, with the logo “R U Ready?” I thought to myself, I would be ashamed to be a professor or student at that school…

    • I GOT IT AT…
      Remember that slogan from another formidable institution? It was out a few years ago.
      I still remember it as a campaign to raise VD awareness.

  3. I am confused by the message, as I see the “U” in a collegiate font, representing “University”. If that is the case, then it sends some sort of message to students (I am not sure what that message is) but it is not about them as much as it is about “University”. Which is oddly strange since we are not a University. I hate the colors-but I never really like the black and gold either.

  4. I take off points if my students use text message shortcuts in their writing. While I appreciate that the marketing campaign is trying to relate to the students, isn’t there a message that would relate to our students without encouraging poor language skills. I agree with Misanthrope- it could also stand for University which is not appropriate. Once more, the powers-that-be (ptb) are showing their complete disconnect between their perspective and the people they purportedly serve. The Chancellor’s internal credibility continues to dwindle.

  5. Text speak (for example, the ‘u’ of the slogan) is the bane of the English department. I am all for good advertising…”It’s All About U”…horrifying.

  6. Although I do have a certain affinity for the letter U, I thought “Success Starts Here” was a great slogan. It was simple, catchy, and true.

  7. They should have a hologram of Harold where the coffee stand is, giving directions through a program that took everything he ever said and made it into an oratorically intelligent 3-D avatar that can give you some direction…no disrespect but it would stir a lot more energy.

  8. I don’t know how much we spent on these various posters and banners, but I do know from reading the September Board Report that the board authorized the CCC to spend up to $500,000 for the marketing of and promotion of the Reinvention Campaign over a three year period. The Reinvention Website was designed by Desert Rose design, which according to the November Board Report, earned $9,500.00 for the term of 9/14/10-10/20/11.

  9. I normally would not recommend this, but grab a RedEye “news” paper from today and peruse it.

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