What Up?

Plenty of awesome options this weekend…to wit: The Chicago Bluegrass & Blues Festival.

Want another option? How about a local appearance by a FEEEEEEE-nominal (that means “Don’t Miss Them” singing group, Sweet Honey in the Rock (Saturday night at Dominican University and Sunday night at Christ Universal Temple on the South Side).

Busy this weekend, but looking to kill some time next week? No problem. Check out The Black Playwright’s Festival hosted by Jackie Taylor’s Black Ensemble Theater.

And if you can’t do any of that, for mercy’s sake, tell us what you are doing that’s so doggone important and great so we can do it, too!


One thought on “What Up?

  1. Gettin’ ready for the bitter-sweet end of the semester. Otherwise known as grades-are-due-but-I-ain’t-done-gradin’-yet week.
    Pace yourselves peeps.

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