Affecting Science Performance

Saw this in Slate last week:

Last week, researchers at the University of Colorado published a psych experiment that seems almost too good to be true. They showed that two 15-minute writing exercises, administered to an intro physics class early in the semester, could substantially boost the scores of female students. Even more curious: the exercises had nothing to do with physics.

Strange and fascinating, no? Who’s going to do an experiment in their classes?

4 thoughts on “Affecting Science Performance

  1. I would like to add that this is true not only for females but also minority males and other marginalized students.I have been doing this for many years and as a proponent of writing across the curriculum,feminist pedagogy and college success I am glad to note that what was old is new again.
    Perhaps experience has some value that could benefit those who believe that only younger faculty have all the innovative ideas.Who was that who said(maybe a misquote correct me please) “I get no respect—-“?

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